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Whether you have an idea for making your truck work better or just a problem you’d like your work truck to solve, Reading Truck Equipment can make it happen. We’ve created everything from gear boxes that provide 18 gears in reverse to AC power units that will run with the engine shut off. We’ve configured automatic vehicle locking systems that keep the vehicle and crew secure while they’re working under the truck, and we’ve built custom storage compartments that house heavy equipment like jackhammers to save workers from repetitive back strain.

Our goal with every upfit is to help you get the most out of your work truck and provide features that make the work easier and safer for your crews.

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  • Expert advice on specs and equipment
  • All body types and equipment available
  • Top quality truck body and component manufacturers
  • Many certified ASE Master Technicians on staff
  • NTEA MVP and VMAC Achieve Award